Wild Animals

Wild animals are those that live on land, as they are called by this because they cannot live with humans or adapt to the environment around them, nor do they come close to where humans are located, as they live in forests because forests are the original habitat of wild animals, and through the next lines will Cairo Dar provides you with species of wild animals and information that interests you about them, so we followed this report.

The most famous wild animals:

Giraffe is one of the longest known animals, it has a long neck with large eyes and long eyelashes, and it is the highest animal in the world. The giraffe feeds on trees, it is a vegetable animal, and the giraffe is one of the animals that sleeps only a few minutes.

Lion is the king of the jungle and it is known that it feeds on meat, as it is classified from the feline family, and it also has many names such as, and Dergham, and Alhezbar, and the seven, the females are called lioness, and the young cub, and his house den, and his roar sound.

Zebra is a horse-like animal in white shape and striped in black, and the original habitat of Africa, the lion is considered its first enemy.

Tiger is from the Feline Family as it lives in North Africa, and it is beautiful in appearance and strong, and is characterized by bitter scalp and striped scalp, and it is one of the animals that has a very strong sense of smell and also has a tremendous speed.

Fox is a cunning animal known for its dribbling and highly intelligent. It has a very strong sense of smell and insight, and it is also fast, feeding on insects, rabbits, rodents and birds.

Deer are a type of antelope, and one of the oldest wild animals that humans have known and domesticated is a distinct target for predators and humans, so it remains always cautious, and it can sense the danger 300 meters away, and depends on its high speed of flight.

Bear is one of the largest animals and has a coarse and thick fur. The bear feeds on other animals and plants and is weak in sight but has a very strong sense of smell.

Kangaroo is considered to be the most famous animal in Australia and the female has a bag or pouch in which to place her incomplete baby caring for him as he depends on his movement to jump, which may reach 10 meters with the help of his two long hind legs using his long tail for balance.

Giant anteaters considered wild animals, lives in the embarrassing savannah forests and plains of the South American continent. It nourishes ants and worms, a long head and strong claws help them, and it is called ants eating due to their favorite food.

Rhino This animal is characterized by its huge size and its single and long horn in the front of the head as its ability to see is very low but it has two strong smell and hearing sensations that live in Africa and Asia, especially in India. The pregnancy duration of the rhino lasts approximately 460 days and puts one baby at a time and for this reason it is threatened Extinct

Elephant The elephant is one of the mammals and it is one of the largest wild animals that live in the forest. It is characterized by its large head, small tail, ivory canine and long hose. It also spreads in Africa and India, and its numbers are constantly decreasing.