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What is travel insurance

Travel insurance is defined as an insurance form given to people travelling, covering losses resulting from accidents that may occur to the passenger while travelling, including payment for any medical treatment, or loss of money and property while travelling.

Travel insurance always involves many risks, such as illness, accident, loss and theft of property, and other accidents, so travel insurance provides assistance to minimize financial losses related to these losses, and there are five main types of travel insurance:

Aviation insurance:

It is a life insurance policy in case of aircraft crash during flight.

Luggage insurance:

This type of insurance covers passengers’ luggage in the event of delays, loss or damage during flight, with some exceptions to expensive jewellery or electronics prices.

Flight cancellation insurance:

This type covers expenses resulting from flight cancellations for unforeseen reasons, such as health problems, accidents and bad weather, to cover the non-refundable fees paid for the flight.

Medical insurance:

It offers discounts to international travellers who are not covered by their health insurance abroad, to cover the passenger’s health care expenses.

Evacuation insurance:

This type covers the cost of transporting the traveler to a medical facility for emergency treatment, so that some of these types may cover serious sports activities, such as paragliding.

Buy travel insurance

Travel insurance varies by cost, exceptions, and coverage, where coverage may be available for a single trip, covering the journey of people travelling from time to time, or multiple travel, which provides coverage for many flights within one year, so that the trip does not exceed thirty days, or annual travel, which provides coverage for a full year, so the buyer must be aware of all insurance terms before purchasing it from the company, and it is worth noting that the premiums in addition to the coverage are based on the duration of the coverage, the length of the travel, the age of the passenger, the age of the passenger. And the destination of the trip, plus the cost of the trip.

The most important benefits of obtaining travel insurance

  • No charges for cancellation or interruption

Passengers may be forced to cancel or interrupt their flights as a result of emergency incidents before or during the holiday, thereby losing the amount of money paid for aviation and accommodation costs. However, the acquisition of the travel insurance policy, which includes the privilege of protecting against cancellation and interruption of the flight, will ensure that you receive compensation for losses resulting from cancellation or interruption of the flight in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy.

  • Cover for emergency medical expenses

The risk of illness or accidents while traveling increases, either due to changing weather, the spread of certain diseases, a sudden health crisis, or a traffic accident, especially if the travel program includes some sports and recreational activities that may expose you to injuries, which may force you to pay for treatment, but with a travel insurance policy, you will be able to protect yourself from the resulting medical costs, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the travel insurance policy.

  • Compensation for lost or stolen baggage

Your baggage may be stolen or damaged while at the airport, transportation, hotel or accommodation provider, which may be a financial and psychological burden for buying such items again. This burden can fade if you have a travel insurance policy that gives you insurance coverage against the risk of your personal belongings being stolen or lost in accordance with the maximum insurance coverage and the terms and conditions of the policy.

  • Providing insurance protection for personal accidents

Travel insurance provides you with accident coverage and personal liability, where the beneficiaries of the policy are compensated if one of the persons covered in the document is injured or died god forbid. In addition, you will be covered against damages that may be caused to third parties, such as injury to them or in some way causing loss of personal property, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the document.

  • Covering legal expenses

The travel insurance policy may also provide the advantage of covering legal expenses related to personal accidents that may occur while traveling, where under the policy insurance companies provide assistance to their customers in the event of unforeseen emergencies, especially if you do not have the local language of the country to which they are travelling.