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Top 9 beaches you can visit in Greece

Top 9 beaches you can visit in Greece

It is not surprising that Greece embraces some of the best beaches around the world, and although its most famous beaches are crowded, it also enjoys the secluded beaches for those who enjoy a quiet and more peaceful atmosphere.

Here are Greece’s most isolated beaches:

Voutoumi Beach, Antipaxos Island

The small island “Antipaxos”, with a population of 20, is located in the Ionian Sea, 3 km south of the island of Paxos, as it takes a 90-minute ferry ride from the main port of Igoumenitsa.

Upon arrival, visitors will notice a landscape that looks like a Brazilian forest filled with trees, more than a Greek beach.

Gria Spilia Beach, Syros Island

Gria Spilia is known as the most isolated beach in the far north of the island of Syros, and it is also known as “Americanou” or “The American”.

The beach earned this title in recognition of the efforts of the American economist, John Pearson, who started planting the ideals and pine trees on the arid island.

Pearson built for himself a small house nearby, and demanded that his body be cremated and that his ashes be scattered across the Gulf when he died in 2001.

Pelapa Beach “Papa Nero”

The YMCA Greek group established their first camp in 1924, next to the port “Agios Ioannis” in the foothills of the eastern Mount Pelion.

The mountain is located on a narrow peninsula, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy wonderful alpine excursions and charming beaches.

Today, “Agios Ioannis” beach has evolved into a popular resort, but most visitors don’t bother crossing the pedestrian bridge to the stunning nearby Papa Nero Beach, which remains secluded even during the height of summer.

Kaminakia Beach, Astypalea

The island of “Astypalia” is located 10 hours by ferry from the city of “Piraeus” in Athens, and is characterized by the presence of “Kamenakia” beach, which is the best on the island.

Visitors can reach it via a 5-kilometer route, which is filled with dirt potholes, where owners of scooters and ordinary cars find themselves in a difficult challenge.

And for those who will eventually make it to the beach, they will enjoy the pure and alluring Aegean waters.

Gomati Beach, Limnos Island

There are no forests on the island of Limnos, and the reason is that the winter winds prevented the trees from growing. But it embraces exceptional ecosystems such as the “Gomato Beach” sand dunes.

You can also take advantage of this strong wind, as “Gomati” beach is one of the best locations in Greece for windsurfing.

Mytilini beach, “Eftalou”

“Eftalou” beach is locally known for its healing thermal springs, which contain a high percentage of natural radium.

The beachfront building, which dates back to the 17th century, has 7 bathrooms, where visitors can enjoy a quick bath for a maximum of 20 minutes, to withstand the temperature at 43 degrees Celsius.

The “Eftalou” beach waters are always cool. Some suspect that this is due to the steep drop of the sea floor.

Mavra Volia Beach, Chios Island

The southeastern “Mavra Volia” beach is one of the most prominent landmarks of “Chios” island, and its name is taken from volcanic pebbles that dramatically cover our curves.

Its rocky red background lends its terrain a place outside this world. Even the sea appears less blue and more purple with the passing of the day when the sun is orange at sunset.

“Voïdokoilia” beach in the “Messenia” area

The true beauty of “Voïdokoilia” beach can only be appreciated from the top of a hilltop in the village of “Palaiokastro”. The semi-circular shape of “Voïdokoilia” beach is incredibly perfect, as it appears to be delicately depicted by a ruler and calipers.

The presence of the African chameleon is one of the surprises on the beach, as some believe that the ancestors of the chameleon have reached these shores from Egypt surreptitiously aboard commercial boats in the past.

Kedros Beach, Donoussa Island

The small island of “Donoussa” has become the first destination for Greek students whose budget does not cover the cost of staying in exorbitant tourist resorts.