Sea world secrets and strange phenomena you will not believe

The world of the seas is full of many mysteries and strange phenomena that have not been explained yet, and even with the technical progress that man has reached, only the seas and oceans and their phenomena are still considered one of the most mysterious phenomena, and we review the pictures of the secrets of the sea world and strange phenomena:

The truth about sharks eating the young sharks : White sharks eat their young sharks from the same family due to hunger immediately after birth, and the process of giving birth to sharks every two to 3 years, and the number of their young in each birth ranges between 2 to 12.

Green light at sea:

This light only appears for a few seconds, and when it appears when sunlight meets sunrise and sunset with the surface of the water, the colors separate for several seconds only, for unknown reasons.

The phenomenon of the red tide of the seas:

This phenomenon is one of the most dangerous natural phenomena that can directly affect marine life, as it is caused by the release of marine algae by toxic substances in large quantities that kill marine animals and cause air pollution.

Black Sea Steam phenomenon:

Black steam forms on the high seas when very cold sea air meets intense heat in the sun, also called black fog.

White sea foam or sea foam:

This foam is formed in the sea as a result of the spread of a certain type of algae, which is unicellular algae, so that the butter appears on washing powder and when mixed with sea water a white foam works to wash the beaches.

Underwater waterfall in the Danish Strait:

This waterfall is located under the sea in the Danish Strait and receives cold and hot water.

Bororuca phenomenon:

This phenomenon occurs when a hole appears between the tidal waves, particularly when the Atlantic Ocean meets the Amazon River, to produce continuous waves that rise to 12 feet.

Whale corpses appear on the beach:

Whale corpses appear from time to time on the beaches, and it is likely that they appeared because they approached the shore so severely that it was difficult for them to return to the ocean, causing them to feel drought and then death.

Bermuda Triangle:

It is present in the Caribbean Sea and has caused material losses and many lives. Recently, a new theory has emerged for scientists that reveals the secret behind the disappearance of planes and ships when approaching it.

Lost city of Atlantis:

It has not been reached yet, but scholars believe that it is present due to the information that Plato left about this city, which he stated was destroyed when a volcano erupted on Santorini Island during the time of the Minoan civilization.