5 most beautiful places to see landscapes in 2019

If you are a fan of the breathtaking landscapes among the many colors, clear skies, and greenery all at once in one place, then you should choose your next vacation in one of those places.

Maroun Bells in America

It is a magical place located only 10 miles from Aspen in Colorado at an altitude of 14 thousand feet in the Elk Mountains, which is reflected in its greenery and high peak on a crystal-clear lake to shine like a crystal and you see it like the royal crown jewels studded with gems in a scenic view.

It is one of the wonderful attractions throughout the year, whether in the spring and autumn, or even when the lake freezes in the winter, and it also has the most beautiful hiking trails in the world, from which you can take impressive pictures.

Plevich Lakes are one of the most beautiful places for sightseeing

It is located in the middle of the road between the Croatian capital Zagreb and the city of Zadar on the coast of the Ardatic Sea, which is a world full of magic, beauty and tranquility, surrounded by forests in every direction with 16 lakes connected to breathtaking waterfalls and natural bridges, they are several kilometers of dazzling natural beauty It is also suitable for visits throughout the year.

Lake Moraine, Canada

It is a true beauty of natural emeralds, and is considered a small tourist gem surrounded by glaciers and high mountains that makes it a living example of unspoiled nature as it should be, and it has many scenic views in addition to boats, diving and other great activities.

Appenzell in Switzerland

It is not only one of the most beautiful places to see landscapes, but it is also suitable for children. It is at the foot of the 8200-foot high mountain of Santis, which provides the charming green landscape. It is a great example of what is depicted in the children’s stories. And you will find there are many paths Magic that fascinates you with your family.

Geiranger Strait in Norway

In the land of hundreds of stunning fjords, the Strait of Geiranger is the most beautiful in Norway, with a length of about 15 km and a width of 1.5 km and surrounded by vertical mountain sides with wonderful waterfalls falling on the mountain slopes which creates a permanent veil of fog and an endless rainbow and you will be famous that you In a stunning fictional world I am not on earth at all.

Kauai Island in Hawaii

Kauai is one of the best tropical tourist places you can choose. It is the oldest island in the Hawaiian archipelago and is considered the fourth largest island in the archipelago with an area of ​​more than 1430 square kilometers and twenty one of the islands of the United States of America is also known as the name of the garden island and its length is 170 kilometers and is located north of Oahu and is a tropical island with many Lush rainforests, waterfalls, and wonderful coastal green summits. The island is a natural masterpiece of landscapes carved out of massive lava, and despite the island’s fame, but it is home to torrential rain, it is one of the places that witness the torrential rains on the face of the earth and its climate is unstable But y A tendency to be dry in which you will enjoy seeing the colorful coral reefs under the water, diving with turtles and tropical fish, swimming or lying on its golden beaches and enjoying the view of the clouds as it covers the tops of cliffs above the bay in addition to enjoying many charming tropical gardens, waterfalls and cities Nice seaside and wonderful waves.