10 of the most beautiful beaches in the world

With the summer approaching, millions of tourists flock to the beaches to escape the heat and have fun with family and friends. In this article, we have chosen beaches distributed across the five continents that differ in terms of their geographical location and the quality and color of their sand. Here are 10 of the most beautiful beaches in the world:

1- Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora, the island of Bora Bora, with the islands of the Leeward Archipelago, is located in the French Polynesia located in the Pacific Ocean. The island is surrounded by a barrier of coral reefs and a beautiful lake in the middle of which is the remains of a dormant volcano that forms the mountain peaks “Bahia” and “Utemano”. Most of the precipitation falls between November and April. The island of Bora Bora is famous for its aesthetic nature, as it mounts beaches, mountains, forests and lakes.

2- Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Waikiki Beach, Waikiki Beach is located in the state of Hawaii and is one of the most famous beaches in the world, it is usually very crowded as it is the beach of choice for most tourists on the Hawaiian Islands. It is distinguished by its golden sand and wonderful blue water.

3- Paleokastritsa Beach, Greece

Palliokastritsa is a small town in the northwest of Corfu Island in Greece. However, it is not possible to overlook when talking about the most beautiful Greek beaches, because this coastline is among the most beautiful coasts in Europe. In Paleokastritsa you will find beautiful small beaches, transparent sea, dense and fertile plants, and small bays provide ideal opportunities to enjoy the most beautiful natural scenery.

4- Anas Source Beach, Seychelles

Anas Source Beach, Anse Source Dragon, is one of the wonderful beaches on the island of Ladig in the Seychelles, which receives most of the arrivals and tourists visiting the island. The beach features white sand, carved granite rocks, tropical plants, and a wonderful climate all year round.

5- Camps Bay Beach, South Africa

Camps Bay Beach is located in Cape Town, South Africa. It is considered one of the most famous and attractive beaches in the world. The beach is located between granite rocks and the majestic mountains of the Twelve Apostles, looming on the horizon. It is popular with locals and tourists alike as well as fans of surfing.

6- El Nido Beach, Philippines

Pyeongbaeong Beach El Nido Beach in Palawan is one of the best beaches in the Philippines due to the splendor of nature and its ecosystem. The beach often ranks high in the rankings of the most beautiful beaches in the world, as it ranked first in 2017 as the best beach in the world, according to Conde Nast Traveler magazine.

7- Sveti Stefan Beach, Montenegro

Sveti Stefan Montenegro, the beach is located on Sveti Stefan Island, a small island located in the middle of the Aegean Sea in Montenegro, about 6 km south of Budowa. And the island has one of the most luxurious hotels in the region. Montenegro beaches are known for their beauty and location between mountains, forests and small towns.

8- Maya Beach, Thailand

Maya Beach, Thailand After the actor Leonardo DiCaprio filmed the movie “The Beach” in Maya, tourism has witnessed a boom with tourists flocking to enjoy the scenic views.

9- Praia do Camillo Beach, Portugal

Praia do Camillo Beach, located in Portugal, attracts hundreds of tourists every year and there is a wooden stairway that connects two bays that connect to each other through an artificial tunnel. The high rocks surround the beach from right and left. Due to its sharp topography, the beach is a great destination for divers, who are adventurers as they can jump into the waters from a height of 12 meters.

10- Flamingo Beach, Aruba

Flamingo Beach, ArubaThe island of Aruba is located in the Caribbean islands and is famous for its picturesque beaches and charming natural scenery and is considered one of the best diving places in the Caribbean region because it is located in the far south of the Caribbean, which makes it out of reach for most hurricanes. Flamingo Beach is characterized by the presence of pink flamingo birds that dot its coast. The beach was named after it.